Hereditary Cancer tests

What is hereditary or "predisposition" genetic cancer testing?

Hereditary genetic cancer testing looks for specific inherited changes (mutations) in a person's genetic make-up. 

Often times its the relatives we didnt know had cancer that can help save your life.

If one of your family members, however distant, has been diagnosed with cancer, there is a chance that you inherited a gene mutation that not only increases your personal risk of developing cancer, but may also be passed on to your offspring - potentially increasing their risk of cancer. 

Benefits of testing

The sooner the genetic testing is performed, the more likely it is that this increased risk can be managed appropriately.  

Common types of hereditary cancer

Breast Cancer - Affects 1 in 8 women

Ovarian Cancer - Affects 1 in 71 women

Colorectal Cancer - Affects 1 in 20 men & women

Uterine Cancer - Affects 1 in 38 women

Pancreatic Cancer - Affects 1 in 60 men & women

Kidney Cancer - Affects 1 in 65 men & women