Pharmacogenetic Testing (pgt)

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Pharmacogenetic testing is the science of how genetics impacts an individual's response to medications.  This advancement in genetic testing allows clinicians to target medications to improve patient outcomes.  

How often are medications ineffective in patients?

  1. Opiods                      30-40% ineffective on average
  2. SSRIs/SNRIs           38% ineffective on average
  3. Antipsychotics      40% ineffective on average
  4. Asthma Drugs        40% ineffective on average
  5. Arthritis Drugs       50% ineffective on average
  6. Alzheimer Drugs   70% ineffective on average
  7. Cancer Drugs         75% ineffective on average

PGT testing offers a faster and more effective path to optimize medications for patients

PGT testing is a NON-INVASIVE tool to help patients and doctors provide the maximized benefits of drug therapy while minimizing the economic, physical and emotional burdens of ineffective trial and error type methods. 

PGT testing eliminates the guesswork

Lifestyle factors such as diet, age, alcohol and nicotine can all affect the medical interactions of prescribed medications and lead to inter-patient variability in medical response.  Genetics remains one of the most compelling targets to evaluate in clinical practice because of the relative ease of measuring and quantifying its impact on patient response.  PGT testing is a more consistent barometer for predicting medication response among patients. 

1 in 3 patients show predictive major drug interactions

There is a significant opportunity for PGT testing in both specialty and primary care settings.  Genetic tests are performed typically once in a patients lifetime for a given gene and this information can be used repeatedly throughout the patients life to improve health without incurring additional expense. 

Dont listen to us, listen to the industry leaders

A number of major medical institutions and centers have implemented PGT testing into routine care.  Several of these major medical centers have coupled preemptive (pre-prescribing) PGT with popup alerts embedded within their EMR / EHR systems to help guide patient care.  St. Jude's Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University, UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of Florida are just a few of these world renowned centers that have embraced PGT testing, shouldn't you?